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About Us

Previously searching for a suitable courier within your budget became a daunting and lengthy task, involving directories and a numerous amount of telephone calls, all whilst trying to keep a record of quotes received.

At CourierCompare.com a platform has been created to conduct transport and logistical needs for Couriers, Transport Companies and Users. Managing and keeping records of bookings and jobs on CourierCompare.com allows you to concentrate better on your business in hand.

The technology behind the search engine that powers CourierCompare.com has been designed and developed over a number of years by our own in house development team.

The concept was born after one of the founders of CourierCompare.com had the need for a same day delivery and ended up calling over 10 different courier companies for quotes, most not able to give instant quotes over the phone and promising to call back. The item that was being sent was of extreme urgent nature and the time it took to book a courier resulted in a late delivery.

It was then decided that a system in the Sameday courier industry was needed to fill the gap of finding and booking couriers without a lengthy process. A team of developers were then put into place to find a solution to the problem, and after months of research and planning, the team returned with a solution and how to put together the software.

Once the software had been developed to create the search engine that powers the website the developers then worked to build the website with functionality and to be user friendly.