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Frequently Asked Questions – For Courier Companies

Useful answers to questions being asked

What is CourierCompare.com?

CourierCompare.com is a comparison site for the same day courier and delivery industry.


Why should my Courier Company advertise on CourierCompare.com?

CourierCompare.com will create the need for customers to make it a procedure to make a search on CourierCompare.com when requiring a courier. This makes it important for you as a Courier Company to be listed in order to be found.


Is CourierCompare.com The UK’s first and only same day courier comparison site?

Yes however, there are plenty of parcel delivery comparison sites and freight exchanges but only CourierCompare.com will allow you to advertise and be found amongst many Courier Companies returning quotes for the same job, immediately.


How does CourierCompre.com compare prices?

Our powerful engine performs a search based on the customer information inputted, then cross referencing with hundreds of Courier Companies returning comparables based on information provided by Courier Companies. More information can be found in 'How it Works'.


What are the Charges or Fees?

There is no ongoing subscription fee to advertise in one are, however if you would like to be found in searches conducted outside of your locality you will have to pay a small fee. This is done to reduce the number of spam listings. CourierCompare.com charge a fee based on ‘Booked Jobs’, and vehicle inventory. More information about fees can be found in 'Fees'.


Can I set my own prices?

Absolutely, you are free to set your prices to whatever you like.


How do I get paid for work done?

Once a job has been booked you will make an arrangement with the Customer regarding payment.


What if the customer does not pay?

You should only complete a job if payment has been received, either by Paypal, cash upon collection, cheque or any other agreed method. The onus is with the Courier Company to ensure that payment is collected before committing to any collection or delivery. In the unlikely event the customer does not pay upon collection you may file a dispute to reclaim back your fees incurred for that particular job.


Do I have to be the cheapest courier to get any jobs?

No not at all, the many search criteria options will mean Customers may not always award the job to the courier with the cheapest quote; decision of the Customer may be based on collection time, feedback, locality or profile description.


If I join CourierCompare.com as a Courier Company do I have to enter into a lengthy contract?

Of course not, you are free to terminate your account at any time.


Will my company get listed in search results when my business is closed?

You can from the Courier Dashboard change trading days and times to ensure you will only be found on searches when your business is operating during its trading times.


How many jobs will I get in a day, week or month?

CourierCompare.com does not guarantee the level of jobs a Courier Company will receive from advertising on the website. It all depends on many factors that are out of the control of CourierCompare.com like your prices, vehicle availability, trading times, feedback, location and Customer demand.


What if I get booked and the job is cancelled by the Customer before I pick up?

You can then apply for a fee credit to your account, once the customer marks the job cancelled in their account.


Will I receive a job cancellation charge, if jobs are cancelled after booking?

You will only receive refund of any fees associated with the booking from CourierCompare.com. You may pursue a claim for a cancellation charge from the customer.


Does CourierCompare.com have any couriers of there own?

CourierCompare.com does not operate a courier company and do not supply any vehicles. CourierCompare.com is an advertising portal and not a Courier Company.


Why doesn’t CourierCompare.com provide phone support?

CourierCompare.com is a fully online system and to provide the best services to its Customers has implemented a fully online email support system, this keeps the costs down and in turn results in no monthly subscription charges being charged to its Customers.


What is the Mileage Meter?

Mileage Meter is a system that provides information to Users on how many loaded miles have been clocked and booked through the website. Each time a booking is made, the total amount of miles will be added to the Mileage Meter giving a total of all miles done through CourierCompare.com. This gives the User an indication of experience of the Courier Company.


What is the 5 Star Rating?

The five star rating is a feedback system that Users can rate the Courier Company on there trading experience and provide a rating to other Users about a Courier Company.


How do I find out If I have received a booking?

You will receive an email with booking details of any jobs received; you will need to check your email or log into your Courier Dashboard regularly to confirm jobs.


What if I miss a job?

If you do not confirm a job that has been booked, the Customer will get notified and requested to make a new search. This will be reflected in your feedback section as to the number of jobs missed or declined.


What is the Vehicle Inventory Charge?

CourierCompare.com charges a fee for every vehicle added to the system, this fee is to stop Courier Companies adding vehicles that they do not have causing the system to not operate as fairly as possible.


Can Courier Companies leave feedback for Users?

To make using CourierCompare.com a fair experience for both Users and Courier Companies, feedback can also be left for Users. This will give Courier Companies information about how a particular User performs as a buyer of the services of a Courier Company.


Can I be included for search outside my locality?

Courier Companies are free to advertise in any location. There is a small charge to be included in areas different from your locality. Your primary location is free to advertise in.


Who runs CourierCompare.com?

CourierCompare.com is run by a team of experienced couriers and software developers who have found a niche in the market.


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