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Frequently Asked Questions – For Users

Useful answers to questions being asked.

What is CourierCompare.com?

CourierCompare.com is a comparison site for the same day courier and delivery industry.


Why should I use CourierCompare.com?

CourierCompare.com will be able to easily and quickly retrieve quotes from same day Courier Companies throughout the UK, by using CourierCompare.com to find a courier you will be saving time and get the best rates.


Is CourierCompare.com The UK’s first and only same day courier comparison site?

Yes CourierCompare.com is the first to offer multiple quotes from same day Courier Companies instantly.


How does CourierCompare.com compare prices?

Our powerful engine performs a search based on the customer information inputted, then cross referencing with hundreds of Courier Companies returning comparables based on information provided by Courier Companies and User search criteria. More information can be found in 'How it Works'.


What are the Charges or Fees?

There are no fees for Users to search and make bookings with Courier Companies.


Can I request a collection time?

Absolutely, you can request collection time and date by using the advance search.


How do I pay for a Courier?

Once a job has been booked you will make an arrangement with the Courier Company regarding payment.


What if the Courier Company do not respond?

You should only complete payment once the Courier Company responds to your booking and accepts the job. If you receive no response from the Courier Company then you are advised to cal them, if you still fail to make contact or arrange a collection of your goods, you should conduct a new search and book using another Courier Company. You should then leave feedback for the Courier Company who failed to respond, stating that the Courier Company has ‘failed to respond’.


Should I always book with the cheapest provider?

No not at all, the many search criteria options will mean Users may not always award the job to the courier with the cheapest quote; decision of the User may be based on collection time, feedback, locality or profile description.


If I join CourierCompare.com as a User do I have to enter into a lengthy contract?

As a User you can make use of CourierCompare.com as often or as little as you like, you are not bound by any contract.


Will Courier Companies get listed in search results when they are closed?

Only Courier Companies who are trading are searchable.


What if I book a job, but I need to cancel it?

You would need to contact the Courier Company as soon as possible and mark job cancelled in your User area. Service Providers may at there own discretion leave feedback as to the cancellation.


Will I receive a job cancellation charge, if jobs are cancelled after booking?

Courier Companies may charge a job cancellation fee, you should contact the Courier Company concerned and they will be able to tell you if they charge such fees.


Does CourierCompare.com have any couriers of there own?

CourierCompare.com does not operate a courier company and do not supply any vehicles. CourierCompare.com is an advertising portal and not a Courier Company.


Why doesn’t CourierCompare.com provide phone support?

CourierCompare.com is a fully online system and to provide the best services to its customers has implemented a fully online email support system. This keeps the costs down and in turn results in no monthly subscription charges being charged to its Customers.


What is the Mileage Meter?

Mileage Meter is a system that provides information to Users on how many loaded miles have been clocked and booked through the website for each Service Provider. Each time a booking is made, the total amount of miles will be added to the Mileage Meter giving a total of all miles done through CourierCompare.com. This gives the User an indication of experience of the Courier Company.


What is the 5 Star Rating?

The five star rating is a feedback system that Users can rate the Courier Company on there trading experience and provide a rating to other Users about a Courier Company.


How do I find out If my booking is accepted?

You will receive an email with booking and Courier Company details once booking has been accepted by the Service Provider; you will need to check your email or log into your User Dashboard.


When can I leave feedback?

Users should leave feedback once a job has been completed.


Who runs CourierCompare.com?

CourierCompare.com is run by a team of experienced couriers and software developers who have found a niche in the market.


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